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Ocean Outfitters is Tofino's Carbon Neutral Adventure Tour Company. Operating in the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve, they offer ethical whale and bear watching tours, remote kayaking, catch and release fishing trips, and expeditions to the Hot Springs Cove plus custom adventures - all whilst being immersed and educated on the rich biodiversity surrounding you.

Deep respect for nature and ethical business practices are core values at Ocean Outfitters. Even though they operate both Zodiacs and cabin vessels in Clayoquot Sound, they successfully offset their fuel, electricity and travel carbon footprint and are exploring using electric motors for their boats! 

The majority of their corporate revenue is diverted to local causes, such as restoring the river, creating a large carnivore co-existence plan for the District, and protecting wild salmon. They use their tours to educated guests on the interconnection of natural systems, the rich biodiversity of Clayoquot Sound, and the threats facing wildlife, habitat, and indigenous culture in this globally recognized UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

For the past few years, they have been awarded the highest certification for environmentally responsible businesses on Vancouver Island -- the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification.

They take their ecological footprint seriously and guests have the satisfaction of knowing that a healthy portion of their trip fees go directly toward projects intended to improve the welfare of wildlife, habitat restoration, research, education and conservation.

Here is what they have to say about their continuing efforts towards responsible tourism and plans for this year: "While green technology in the marine sector is grossly underdeveloped, this season we will test the Torqueedo electric propulsion outboard. Our goal is to have a quiet, non-emitting option when on the scene with whales and bears to reduce sound disturbance and environmental impact creating even more ethical viewing and ocean stewardship. 

This July we will receive a fully electric Nissan Leaf with the 60kWh battery pack. We are aware that battery power and hydroelectric power have their own environmental impacts, however, we decided to invest in greener solutions to encourage the development of alternative energies and to move away from our reliance on petroleum. We will offset the carbon created in the vehicles production and excited that there is now a demand for used car batteries from recyclers and for off-grid solar systems

This season we ran our "Catch & Release" fishing program, which is not about continuous sporting but designed to encourage sustenance based fishing experiences. We are hoping to drive a culture shift where the fisher takes only what they need for dinner rather than limiting out or looking for the largest species. We promise donations to rehabilitate anadromous fish stocks for fish released." 


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