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We're often aware of how to be a sustainable tourist: protect the natural environment, respect the local culture etc. But do we always consider how to be a responsible traveller in our travel hygiene routine? Whilst it's tempting to use disposable mini toiletries and wipes to gradually lighten our backpack as we go, as a responsible travel community, we need to be better than that. It's really not nice nor ethical to spread our plastic waste all over the globe, especially in areas that do not have recycling capabilities.

So what goes in the toiletry bag of an eco-conscious responsible traveller? We've searched high and low to source the most environmentally friendly, natural, minimal waste and travel-proof products to keep you fresh on the road...

1. Makeup Remover

We recently tried FaceHalo, and can safely say that their Instagram following is more than just hype. It seems a bit baffling at first that one can remove makeup with only water and the reusable face pads, but it really works! They take up less room, and you won't need to pack any liquids, gels or single-use wipes and cotton pads. 

2. Shampoo Bars 

We've raved about these shampoo bars from Lush for a while at Re-CreationWORLD, and we're not going to be stopping any time soon. Plastic-free, leak-proof, all natural and long-lasting. 

3. Tooth Powder 

You can get this through security (though it might look slightly suspicious), the packaging is plastic-free and it won't explode in your hand luggage. If you want to make this completely zero-waste, try a homemade recipe.

4. Safety Razor 

This, like many eco-friendly products, is a return to tradition. At one point, everyone owned a razor and bought replaceable blades - it's almost retro. So you can now stop buying the plastic disposable razors, and add one of these to your travel kit. We love Leaf's minimalist design. 

5. Bamboo Toothbrush 

Another Re-CreationWORLD firm favourite is Treefinity's Bamboo Toothbrushes - for every brush purchased, one is given to someone in need. Unlike plastic brushes which can take years to break down, their toothbrushes can biodegrade within 3 months. And the packaging is biodegradable too.

7. Mooncup

There are now lots of options for more sustainable sanitary products than single-use towels and tampons - from reusable sanitary underwear to washable pads. Our personal favourite for being on the move (and not having to think about the laundry!) is the Mooncup. Absolutely zero-waste. When you're done, the cup itself is biodegradable. Mooncup collaborates with projects working to improve woman's health and menstrual care plus provides environmental education across the globe. The employee-owned company has been awarded Ethical Business status. 

8. Non-aerosol Deodorant. 

There's no excuse for using aerosols anymore. Effective deodorant now exists in many more eco-friendly forms such as powders, roll on, or bars. Our favourite is made locally to us in Alberta, Canada: Routine Cream comes in a glass jar, is made of all natural ingredients and also comes in vegan versions.

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