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Eco-Touring The Canadian Maritimes - A Unique 15-day Guide 

If coastal drives, quaint fishing villages, warm hospitality and immersing yourself in local culture is your thing, then this is an ideal destination for you. You're planning a trip to see Atlantic Canada or you've just arrived in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Where to now? What sights and activities would most appeal and how can you enjoy a personally satisfying trip in just 15 days? Let us be your inspiration and guide.  We assume that as a responsible traveller you will want to experience the local colour and flavour and meet the locals to inquire and learn about the history, culture and places that are important in their lives - all while staying in unique accommodations and doing things you've never done before.  To help you plan your journey we have crafted a blog series, highlighting and recommending cultural celebrations and eco-friendly experiences and accommodations in each of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, the provinces that comprise the Canadian Maritimes. 

Touring by car (or perhaps motorbike if you're really adventurous) is the preferred way to see the Maritimes considering the distances involved and the flexibility and spontaneity driving offers. If you are driving in from the United States or from Quebec or are bringing your car across from Newfoundland on the ferry, you are all set. If you plan on arriving by air - likely into Halifax, Nova Scotia from international points - the first thing you should do is book your rental car. Rental cars are in high demand during the summer months and often sell out. Once you are at your destination, you can limit your driving and stress by exploring some of the locations on foot, by bike or by joining a group tour. You can travel by train or by bus between major cities and towns, but will be missing the beautiful scenery and encounters with the locals that are possible only with your own transportation. The train is a great travel option for Montreal or Quebec City if those are your next Canadian destinations after your Maritime tour.

As you plan accommodations throughout your trip, there are some incredible locally owned hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts to choose from. We will name a few of our favourites throughout our blogs and in the Amazing Accommodation section of our directory. With a little bit of research, it will be easy to find a unique place to stay in almost every community. 

We will also introduce you to some incredible food tours and notable locally inspired eateries. The Province of Nova Scotia, in particular, has an amazing program for finding providers specializing in the local fare that you'll discover in the Nova Scotia blog, highlighted below. 

There are endless adventures and special things to learn or do while visiting the Maritimes. Fly-fishing, canoeing, cycling, hiking, kayaking, whale watching, paddle-boarding, sailing, wine-touring and gallery and museum visits, to name a few of the usual. While stargazing in a dark zone, walking on the ocean floor, surfing a tidal bore, forest-bathing and fossil hunting are some of the more unusual.  We think you'll especially appreciate discovering the natural wonders unique to this part of the world and relaxing in the natural environments of the National and Provincial Parks and other protected areas. There is something for everyone - even simply finding time to watch the sunset and breath the fresh salt air. Come and lose yourself in the wonder that is the Maritime Provinces! 

One thing is for sure, you will leave a part of your heart in the Maritimes and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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