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Accommodation & Community & Culture, Canada

Did Canada zip to the top your list of places to visit when recreational cannabis use became legal in October 2018? Awesome! Canada welcomes visitors wishing to engage in cannabis tourism, but be forewarned it is not very user-friendly, especially for the responsible traveller who wishes to stay within the law. Unless you have well informed Canadian friends, don't expect to easily find any information related to pot purchase and consumption.  And definitely don't expect to arrive, buy some weed at the local shop and settle in on a blanket in the local park, at an outdoor cafe or your hotel room to enjoy.

Regulations are still evolving, with different rules for every province and city - beyond the basics it's highly confusing. You can purchase from Government controlled websites, but your delivery will need to come to a Canadian address where you will be required to sign for pickup - difficult if you are travelling.  However, the biggest challenge for a visitor is understanding where you can legally use cannabis. The one place that is a safe bet is within a private residence that you own or where, if leased, the landlord has granted permission. This brings us to conclude that Bud & Breakfast offers an elegant solution to the confusion, offering a worry-free vacation alternative for cannabis-loving visitors new to Canada.

Bud & Breakfast is in the business of providing cannabis friendly accommodation in private residences and related tourism experiences in Canada, the US and other international locations. Since Canada legalized recreational cannabis use, they have been constantly adding new listings. Their hosts are knowledgable in all things relating to the local cannabis community, culture and regulations. Not only can they provide directions to the local dispensary they can enhance the overall tourism experience with connections to pot and puff yoga, sightseeing, dining and outdoor activities such as hiking and paddling. And they understand that the responsible cannabis-loving traveller appreciates the finer things in life, often offering delightful specially prepared home-cooked breakfasts and other treats. 

A number of the listings are in rural areas with access to private natural areas - gardens, woods, beaches - where relaxing and hightened appreciation is encouraged.

We've spotted some great listings that can set you up to fully enjoy the hospitality and beautiful expansive scenery Canada is known for. Look for some trip planning inspiration in our PEI and Wild Pacific Coast guides and then follow the link in our Bud & Breakfast Canada Profile to select a wonderful place you want to call your Canadian home and book a stay.

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