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Vancouver Mural


Vancouver, British Columbia
(778) 244-8648

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Toonie Tours is the creation of three friends who wanted to share their home with the world and give back to their communities. They operate both in Vancouver and in Victoria, B.C. and - we love this - they "show you what you need to see and everything Canadian from EH to Z"!

Their specialty is Free Walking Tours where they share their favourite experiences and local stories to help visitors discover the less-known aspects of their city and feel welcomed as part of the community. They also offer bike tours, beer tours, street art mural tours and other tourism activities du jour. Of these the Street Art & Craft Beer Tour and the Stanley Park Bike Tour are the most popular - both are highly recommended.  


This small business is having a huge positive impact on both their visitors and the community. They provide an exceptionally informative and passionately researched local perspective, in a small group setting wrapped up with fun, laughter and camaraderie. Their business is completely funded by their guests so that all their recommendations and favourite places and activities are truly authentic. Plus 10% of their take goes back to help in the community! So responsible traveller, make sure you contribute generously when you have an awesome time on one of their tours - especially the "free" pay-as-you-wish walking tour - so that they can continue to thrive as a business and keep paying it forward.