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Polar Bears of Churchill

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Polar Bears of Churchill | Profile Portfolio: Polar Bears of Churchill

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Spend two full days observing the King of the Arctic in its natural habitat from a specialized tundra vehicle. On the first day, you will get a close-up look at these amazing animals in their natural habitat.  On the second day, you will have the opportunity to help researchers make important observations about these amazing animals, contributing to part of a long-term study of the polar bears. Each evening you will have the opportunity to participate in lectures about these polar bears and the impact of global warming. This tour also includes a helicopter tour of the rugged coastline of the Hudson Bay, dog sledding, and an afternoon at the Itsanitaq Museum - formerly the Eskimo Museum. Sixty percent of the proceeds go back to supporting scientific research in Churchill.


Your host for this experience - The Churchill Northern Studies Centre is an independent, non-profit research and education facility. They provide accommodation, meals, equipment and logistical support for scientists working on research projects in the area. This is a true learning vacation where you can have an impact by participating in the latest studies and supporting and sustaining this valuable work. 

Because you stay at the LEED-certified facility, this unique, once-in-a-lifetime-experience is relatively affordable (when compared to a luxury expedition) and a great example of a responsible approach to tourism. Plus, you have the satisfaction that your tourism $$'s are going directly into the community (which has been isolated by the closure of the rail line), the facility and to ultimately help the polar bears and their fragile environment thrive.