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Northern Lights Wolf Centre

Canada Tour + Experience


The Northern Lights Wolf Centre, close to Golden BC, on the border of Yoho National Park is a great place to learn about wolves in the wild. Do wolves really howl at the full moon? Join one of their very reasonably priced tours and learn all about the lives of the wolves and their importance to the environment. If you love photography and wish to interact with and explore the rocky mountain landscape with the wolves, consider making a reservation for a Blackwolf Photography Walk. These are intimate photo sessions (maximum 6 participants) where you join the pack as they lead you through their natural habitat. Needless to say, there are special conditions and restrictions to ensure the wellbeing and best experience for both humans and wolves. This once in a lifetime experience is considerably more expensive, but well worth the approximately $140 investment. Reservations and a deposit are necessary. Maybe you will bond with the wolves and wish to support this organization's incredible work with the purchase of a Pack Membership or a Wolf Adoption.


They offer responsible and educational close encounters with wolves in their natural habitat, in the hope that by spending time with these mysterious creatures people will get to know and love them.  Most importantly they, promote wolf conservation and are on a mission to educate the public, even school children, on the important role wolves play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.