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Deep Sky Eye Observatory

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Quinan, Nova Scotia

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Tim Doucette's Deep Sky Eye Observatory in Quinan (sometimes listed as located in Tusket) Nova Scotia, Canada is a great place to experience the beauty of the night sky, learn more about the earth's place in the galaxy and perhaps sleep under the stars in a sky bubble. The Observatory is located in the UNESCO SW Nova Biosphere Reserve and in the first area in North America to be certified by the Starlight Foundation as a starlight reserve and astro-tourism destination. The clear dark sky with unobstructed viewing makes this a premier stargazing location. In addition to the educational guided tours of the night sky and the opportunity to photograph its wonder, the Deep Sky Eye Experience now includes the National Geographic Night Sky Odyssey augmented reality program.  


The Acadian Skies & Mi'Kmaq Lands Starlight Reserve is one of only four places in the world to receive both Reserve and Destination designations by the Starlight Foundation, an organization supported by UNESCO. The Deep Sky Eye Observatory is committed to protecting the Reserve's natural space and preserving the dark night sky and the visibility of the light from the stars. They have a Save the Night initiative to educate about and campaign against light pollution.