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Noreen Kompanik

Re-CreationWORLD / Guest Author

Noreen Kompanik is a former retired nurse who chose travel writing as her second go-around the sun (and is loving it). Noreen has over 600 published stories for a variety of print and online publications. She loves writing about adventure and family travel, wine, food, history, and well…just about anything.

Wanderlust has been a part of Noreen’s life since childhood when she’d lie on the grass and look up at the planes and jet trails and wonder where they were off to. Then, married to a retired Naval Officer, she was blessed to live in Italy and travel the world.

As a San Diego resident, some of her favourite adventures involve the beach and the ocean. You’ll find her barefoot, toes in the sand, as often as possible, or somewhere on a boat exploring the azure waters of the Pacific. Her other favourite places include Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Europe.

Website: https://noreenkompanik.com/

Contact: [email protected]