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Skwachàys Lodge Aboriginal Hotel and Gallery

Canada Culture & Community & Canada Accommodation


Vancouver, British Columbia

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Skwachàys Lodge Aboriginal Hotel and Gallery provide an authentic Indigenous art and cultural experience in the heart of Vancouver. Not only is it a great place for an overnight stay, but it is also a place of gathering where Indigenous artists and visitors from all over the world can come together for conversation, to learn and celebrate traditional culture.   

The 18 guest suites each reflect individual themes of importance in Aboriginal culture. The designs are an inspired collaboration of Vancouver's top interior designers and Indigenous artists and naturally feature stunning original works of art. Each suite expresses its unique spirit and story of traditional life taking guests on an overnight journey to its namesake experience such as a Drum Circle, a Longhouse visit or on a vision quest with the Forest Spirits. Click the link to their website above to learn more about this urban Indigenous experience, the themes and stories behind each of the individual guest suites and to book your accommodations directly - ensuring your overnight tourism investment all flows to the Hotel and the artists-in-residence they support. 


Skwachàys' urban boutique hotel and the associated Aboriginal Fair Trade Gallery provide an authentic Indigenous art and cultural experience combined with and supported by exceptional hospitality. The profits from the Aboriginal Hotel and Gallery provide a housing program and studio space that assists Indigenous artists-in-residence to advance their careers and transform the community. Skwachàys is a wonderful example of tourism and community coming together to create a better more vibrant world and that is why we are so excited to recommend them as the Vancouver accommodation experience of choice for socially responsible travellers.