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Inn at Bay Fortune

Canada Accommodation


The Inn at Bay Fortune is located on 46 acres overlooking the Fortune River, near Souris, PEI. Built in 1913, this historic property has transformed from a summer home for playwrights and actors into a 5-Star and eco-friendly country inn, filled with warmth and a wonderful special brand of local hospitality.

Adding to the warmth and wonder is FireWorks, a restaurant featuring a unique format that celebrates the ancient art and craft of live fire cooking and showcases local flavours and ingredients.

Proprietors, renown Canadian Chef Michael Smith and his wife Chastity Smith are the visionaries that are responsible for The Inn at Bay Fortune and it's surroundings becoming one of the world's leading culinary and tourism destinations. 


The Inn at Bay Fortune is a beautiful property focused on sharing and preserving the historic character of the Inn, PEI's culture and the surrounding environment.

Located in a vibrant community filled with artists, the Inn works with a local gallery and displays original works of art in each of the rooms, happily arranging for guests to purchase and ship home the ones they love. What a wonderful way to encourage and support culture and community!

The property includes a 10-acre organic farm and the restaurant focuses on farm to table food; featuring every ingredient grown, produced, farmed and foraged in PEI. Rightfully, earning them recognition as one of the Top 100 Canadian Farm to Table Restaurants in 2018.