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Bud and Breakfast Canada

Canada Accommodation


Bud & Breakfast is in the business of providing safe and legal cannabis friendly accommodation in private residences and other related tourism experiences in Canada, the US and other international locations. Since Canada legalized recreational Cannabis use they have been constantly adding new listings. Their hosts are knowledgable in all things relating to the local cannabis community, culture and regulations. Not only can they provide directions to the local dispensary they can enhance the overall tourism experience with connections to pot and puff yoga, sightseeing, dining and outdoor activities such as hiking and paddling. And they understand that the responsible cannabis-loving traveller appreciates the finer things in life, often offering delightful specially prepared home cooked breakfast and other treats. 

A number of the listings are in rural areas with access to private natural areas - gardens, woods, beaches - where relaxing and hightened appreciation is encouraged.


They provide a relaxed stress-free way to enjoy authentic local experiences, connect with fun people and make new friends. They give travellers the chance to experience Canada through the eyes of a local and to get to know and love places far off the traditional tourist path. A stay at a Bud and Breakfast is a great way to discover uplifting local activities that are done in ways that are positive for the planet as well as the traveller's personal body mind and spirit.